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Fifth Sunday after Epiphany (B)


Prayer by St. Augustine

let my whole heart
be inflamed with love for you;
let nothing in me belong to me
and let me have no thought for myself;
let me burn
and be wholly consumed in you;
let me love you with my whole being
as one set on fire by you.





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Sermon Excerpt:

Seeing the Needs of Others
sermon based on Mark 1:29-39
by Rev. Randy L Quinn

A few weeks ago, I spoke about party invitations. Today, we are like the person who arrives at the party and recognizes the need to help in the kitchen or to open the door for new guests who are arriving. In todayís text we hear what it means to see the other guests the way Jesus sees them. We turn our attention from ourselves to Jesus, from what we value to what he values.

I remember talking to a man who loved to go to large cities and stand on a street corner looking up at the buildings around him. If he kept his focus on one particular spot, it wouldnít take long before a crowd was gathering around, trying to see whatever it was that he was trying to see.

Thatís when he would stop looking at the building and begin to watch the crowds. They had no idea why they were looking at the building, but often they would find something worth pointing out for others to see!

I want to look at the things Jesus is looking at.
I want to see the things he is seeing.
I want to look so intently at the things he is looking at that others will stand around and wonder what Iím looking at.
I want to allow Jesus to use my eyes and my energies to address needs in our world today.

With that in mind, I invite you to imagine what it is that Jesus was seeing as we read our text for today:

Read Text.

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