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Kids 4 Christ Sermon Ideas

       Cycle C: 5th Sunday after Epiphany Sunday

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Date: 1/21/2004


Matt 7:24-27 (The Parable of the wise and foolish builder) This takes time to prepare for, but it is worth the effort. Materials needed: abundance of boxes (8 X 8 X 20 and longer) to be used as giant Lincoln Logs. Plastic toy carpenter tools (hammer, saws, etc.); One sheet; 2 ball caps or hard hats with labels pinned to the front (One titled WISE BUILDER, the other FOOLISH BUILDER); carpenters aprons. The day this is presented children are divided into two groups. The blocks (cardboard boxes) are divided into two equal groups also. The children use the hard hats, toy tools, and tool belts as props. The group headed by the FOOLISH BUILDER will build their creation on top of the sheet. The other group lead by the WISE BUILDER builds their structure directly on the floor. When they are done building have all the children sit down beside you as you tell the parable, and "when the rains came and washed the foolish man's house away"--pull the sheet out from under the FOOLISH BUILDER'S house and watch as it crashes to the floor. Then continue to explain why it is important to build our lives on solid ground with Christ as our foundation. The children love seeing the blocks crash, it's a story they won't forget because they were actively involved in its creation.

Date: 2/9/2004


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