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Easter Week


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 Sermon Excerpt: What Are You Looking For? Lk 24:1-12 Rev. Karen Goltz

            “Why do you look for the living among the dead?”  It’s a good question.  Jesus himself had told them what was to happen to him, and that on the third day he would rise again.  And here it was, the third day, and the women were in the cemetery, carrying the spices used for treating a dead body.  They weren’t looking for the living Christ; they were seeking a corpse they could treat with respect, bury properly, and then leave in the tomb marking his final resting place as a remembrance of him.  Similar to our modern cemeteries today, they probably expected to return again and again to that tomb, to remember Jesus’ life, to feel close to him, and to miss him.

            We hear the story so often and know it so well, it’s easy for us to sit back and snicker at the women and the other disciples for their lack of faith.  Of course Jesus had risen from the dead; he was the Son of God.  That should have been made clear by all the miracles he’d performed, and of course they should have believed him when he’d said he would rise from the dead.  But we have an advantage; we have two millennia of people telling the story, believing it enough to pattern their lives according to it, and passing it down from generation to generation, to billions upon billions of people over the centuries.  It’s old news to us.... Click here for the full manuscript and all other resources