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[Resources for Epiphany +4]


Sermon Excerpt: Speaking on Behalf of God? Deut18:15-20 & Mark 1:21-28
by Rev. Richard Gehring

 It seems as though a lot of people these days claim to be speaking on behalf of God.  As we find ourselves in the midst of an election year, there are plenty of folks on both sides of the political aisle who want to claim God's blessing on their policies.  Whether it's increasing spending on social services and raising taxes on the wealthy or seeking bans on gay marriage and abortions, people across the political spectrum point to God for their motivation.  

            The question that we need to consider, then, is how we discern who really is speaking for God.  Who really carries this authority?  Our texts for this morning offer some important insights into answering that question. In these passages, we find probably the two most authoritative spokesmen of all time–Moses and Jesus.  And their words and actions tell us a lot about what we can–and cannot–expect from those who truly do represent God.

            In our Old Testament scripture for the morning, we find some of Moses’ final words to the people of Israel.  Moses has, of course, been God’s representative to the Israelites for some time.  And although some may have doubted his credentials to begin with, there has been no doubt that God has been speaking through Moses for quite some time. . . .DPS Subscribers: click here to download this sermon and all other resources