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"I tell you, not even in Israel
have I found such faith."

Luke 7:9



Sermon Excerpt: On Top of Mount Carmel, 1 Kings 18:20-39 Rev. Randy Quinn  

This story about Elijah might seem a little ďover the top,Ē but Iím sure itís happened to you before. I know itís happened to me! Someone asks me a fairly innocuous question and I respond without thinking, only to realize it was intended as bait. The person asking the question was waiting for me to commit to something so they can argue with me. Has that ever happened to you? The person launches into a diatribe and Iím caught without a good answer....

...Most of the time, the people are not asking for information to help them make a decision. Rather, they are looking for someone with whom to spar, someone who disagrees with a position they have already taken and want to make a mockery of all other stances.

Each time it has happened Iíve wished I had a 30 second sound-bite or a bumper sticker phrase I could pull out to silence my potential adversary. Unfortunately Iím not very good at thinking on my feet; sometimes I come up with a good response the next day Ė but that is long after they have left the room.

If I canít have a show-down like Elijah did, at least wish I had a thought-provoking response. But more importantly, I want the person who is asking to know that I value their opinion, even if they donít value or are afraid to listen to mine.

Showdowns donít solve problems. In the next few chapters we learn that the people still went after their own gods. They still reject the God of Israel. In fact, they persecute Elijah for making them look like the fools!...Subscribers: click here for the full manuscript.