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Christ-the-King Sunday


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Sermon Excerpt: When We See Mat. 25:31-46, by Rev. Randy Quinn

    There are two kinds of people in the world. There are the people who separate the world into two parts and there are those who do not.

In seminary I had a professor who had a word for those who divided the world into two parts. And in almost every lecture he gave, he found a way to use the word. Iíve only seen the word a couple of times since my seminary days, and Iíve often wondered if I would ever use it. In fact, we had an ongoing challenge to find ways to use the word, but I never had an opportunity. Today is my first chance to use the word.

Bifurcate. Have any of you ever heard the word before? When you bifurcate something, you divide it into two pieces.

We often see that happen in political rhetoric, but it doesnít just happen there.

  • We have the rich and the poor.
  • We have the educated and the illiterate.
  • We have the immigrant and the native.
  • We have the black and the white.
  • People live in the developed world or in a developing country.
  • I could go on, but I think you sense what it means to bifurcate. Itís when you divide the world into two categories. When Professor Young used the word, you knew he was speaking about things in a negative way. He understood that God only created one world. There is a divinely intended unity in our world. And any attempts to bifurcate our world are, in his mind, sinful.

    To bifurcate the world God created is to work against the will of God. So he found the very concept offensive. But I wonder what he would say if I suggested that Jesus is bifurcating the world in our passage today. Jesus divides the world into two types of people when he separates the sheep from the goats....

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