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"Whoever gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones in the name of a disciple--truly I tell you, none of these will lose their reward."    Matthew 10:42


Sermon Excerpt: Everyday Heroes  Matthew 10:40-42  by Rev. Frank Schaefer

Just a week ago--as I was thinking about these words by Jesus--I came across this headline:

Woman helps blind Cubs fan hail a taxi outside Wrigley Field
- Casey Spelman helped a blind man hail a cab outside Wrigley Field in Chicago
- As the 26-year-old helped the man, a witness took photos and put them online
- She was happy she was there to help and that he was able to find a ride home

Isnít that a perfect modern-day example of what Jesus is talking about? If we all started to be a bit kinder to one another, this world would be such a happier and peaceful place.

And notice that according to Jesusí words, it doesnít take a huge effort. It doesnít take an act of bravery to show a gesture of kindness. Just welcoming another person who God sends your way, just helping a blind man hail a taxi, just giving a cup of water to a child will have tremendous rewards. Superheroes not necessarily needed...just everyday heroes.

Itís interesting to me that itís often harder to show little gestures of kindness than to perform heroic deeds. In one of my wedding speeches, I ask each wedding party, whether they would be willing to take a bullet for their partner, and both usually answer with an enthusiastic ďyes, of course!Ē ďWell, thatís wonderful and a testimony to your great love. ď And then I follow up with this question: ďtell me this: if your partner asks you to do a daily chore, like mowing the lawn, or stopping by the grocery store on the way home coming from work, would you be willing to do that without grumbling on a regular basis?Ē

The truth is that itís often easier for us human beings to show grand heroic gestures than to show small gestures of kindness in the routine of everyday life. Ask me to rescue a baby from a burning building and Iíll snap into action; ask me to take out the trash and I will likely bark at you or whine about it when I finally drag myself up to do it.... Subscribers: click here for the full sermon manuscript.