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Sermon Excerpt: Some Still Doubt, Matthew 28:16-20, Rev. Randy L Quinn

Earlier this month I was at a retreat for clergy. The guest speaker at the retreat reminded me of a story I had heard years ago. Some of you may have heard a variation of it before.

He spoke about a famous tightrope walker who amazed the crowds with his ability to walk long distances without losing his balance. He would walk across a large expanse – across waterfalls or canyons or between tall buildings – while crowds gathered to watch. When he returned to his starting point, he would ask if the crowd believed he could go across with a wheelbarrow.

There would be a few skeptics, but most believed he could do it. He would then prove his ability by taking a wheelbarrow with him on another round trip.

When he returned, he would then ask if the crowd believed he could do that with someone sitting in the wheelbarrow. By this time, everyone was convinced he could do it, so there was always an enthusiastic shout of “Yes!”

But when he asked who would like to be the first person to ride, no one was willing to take the risk.

Apparently they didn’t doubt his ability to walk; they doubted their own ability to sit!

According to Matthew’s Gospel, when the women encountered the risen Christ at the tomb Jesus told them to carry a message to the Disciples, “meet me in Galilee” (Mt 28:10). Without flinching, they go on and complete their assignment.

The Disciples gathered as directed and here in our text, we hear THEIR encounter with the risen Christ. . .Subscribers: click here for the complete manuscript and all other resources