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First Sunday in Lent
 Ash Wednesday  Lent 1




Sermon Excerpt:Fasting and Famished, Yet Faithful, Luke 4:1-13,  by Rev. Randy Quin

....In our text for today, Jesus spends a long time praying and fasting.  He spent a long time being tormented and tested and tempted by the Devil.  He was there for forty days.

By the way, forty days is also the length of time between now and Easter; there are forty days in the season of Lent Ė though if you count the days youíll notice that there are actually more than forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.

Thatís because the Sundays in Lent donít count.  Sunday is always a day of celebration.  Itís always a day of feasting.  Itís always a day in which we remember the resurrection.  Sunday is the Lordís Day; it is always a celebration of Easter, a weekly reminder that Jesus was raised from the dead on ďthe first day of the weekĒ (Lk 24:1).

So Lent is the forty days of fasting between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, not counting Sundays.  But either way you count it, Lent will last a long time.  Long enough to make us notice it.  For those of us who are using this season as a time to fast or to practice new disciplines, it will seem especially long.  Lent will be long enough that we will need to be reminded that God is still with us. . . .

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