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The Desperate Preacher's Site
providing online resources since 1996

What's offered?

Weekly Lectionary Forums (we list the Scripture texts of the Revised Common Lectionary (NRSV) with informal, running commentary.

DPS Sermon Builder

  • text-overviews
  • commentary
  • children's sermons
  • homilies
  • hymn suggestions
  • prayers

DPS Sermon Bank

  • hundreds of archived, searchable and indexed sermons, prayers, etc.
  • Special teaching series, e.g.  :The 12 Apostles of Jesus, " "Biblical Archeology," "The Seven Deadly Sins," etc.

DPS PastorCare Site - Helpful Tips and Resources for Active Clergy

Humor Webpage for Spiritual Care Givers


About the Desperate Preacher's Site

The Desperate Preacher's Site is a truly ecumenical ministry site that has grown and flourished on account of ministry-oriented people like you.  Many of the resource pages and forums that were added over the years were originally suggested by registered users.  Many of the resources themselves have been and continue to be provided by DPSers-- preachers and Christian educators from all walks of life, theological persuasions and from around the globe.

May God continue to bless us together in this webspace called DPS for many years to come.

Grace and peace, Frank Schaefer, DPS founder and director

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