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Weekly Lectionary Discussion Forums (we list the Scripture texts of the Revised Common Lectionary and invite any preacher to join into discussion of the texts). The current year's lectionary discussions are free; accessing archived discussions require a subscription.

Humor Webpage for Spiritual Care Givers--free service.

Topical Discussion Webpage where anybody can start a discussion and invite others to respond--free service.

Enhanced Resources:

Explore Sample --The DPS Sermon Builder & Bank is a subscription service which offers at a rate of USD 39.95 per year.

  • text-overviews
  • commentary
  • children's sermons
  • homilies
  • hymn suggestions
  • prayers
  • hundreds of archived, searchable and indexed sermons, prayers, etc.

--The DPS Sermon Builder material is based on the weekly lections--all materials are posted one month ahead of the RCL.

--The DPS Sermon Bank contains the archived resources of years of gathering materials and links.  It is searchable and indexed.