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Two Angels talking
Matthew 1:18-25

Hi You talking to me? Yeah, it is time to send forth peace again Again? Look, I don't mind being someone's guardian angel and messenger once and a while, but this is getting ridiculous. What is it this time? You remember that Jesus Christ is the bridegroom? Oh, I guess to part of the Bride of Christ? Yep, that's right, the word came from headquarters just a few moments ago. Oh I know I can't complain to the Almighty, but so often those humans don't listen, and I've done it so much. Done what so much? Well, told them that the "Prince of Peace was coming, but they don't seem to pay attention! I'm tired, I just want to lie here cumulus cloud hammock and enjoy heaven. I'm glad God made us, and I like the companionship with the saints and all. Many of them remember me as I talked to them when they lived on earth but, now, again, and to some part of the bride of Christ. Why? I don't question, I just deliver the message.

Well then tell me what is going on, there on earth right now. Well it seems they are going to impeach the leader of the Super power, the United States, which in turn has along with another country bombed a would be power whose leader Saddam Husain has hidden possible destructive bombs. Many wars, many many wars Israelis vs. Palestinians, Irish Catholics and Protestants, Serbians etc. There is economic woes in other countries, they have many illnesses, one called aids that is systematically causing epidemics of death. Some humans are unhappy even though they have everything, while others including children are dying.... Should I go on?

No no no, it sounds ominous even though I don't know what im-im-impeached means.

God's always seeming to send me. The peace angel, or the angel of peace. Oh you know I don't mind. In fact there has been some interesting encounter, "Ha ha, I remember the time, I visited Hagar. They tell about it in Genesis 16. I asked her what she was doing as she sped across the desert. She couldn't give me a straight answer. I told her to return, she bore Ismael. Is his decendents and Isaac's still fighting over land? Yep See that's why I don't like going. If it wasn't a direct order from the Almighty, I don't see, and I'm suppose to go to humanity again.

I remember when I visited that Jacob fellow. Wrestled with him at the edge of Jabbok. Ha ha, I even through his hip out, I even named him Israel. And they are still fighting...over land. See, I don't see the point. That God of ours has the patience. I mean sending Jesus Christ, and promising to send him again, and they are still fighting. You know, sometimes (though they are content), I see my friends, the saints from earth, peak over at their loved ones, I almost see a tear. It Almost makes me want to go to earth without being asked. But you say I'm to go again.

You know the time I like best, was the time with Joseph. He was a likable guy, Kind of straightlaced and set in his ways. Followed the faith to the letter, and an upstanding person in the community. He was knocked for a loop about his fiance being pregnant and all. He was up against it. Because he was a just man he didn't want to publicly embarrass her. He almost fell off his dream bed when I came to him. I told him first, be not afraid, and explained that this was the Spirit's doing, his fiancÚ being pregnant and all. But he did it. He followed my orders It didn't matter what kind of man he was in society. It didn't matter his rightness or wrongness, it was his in-tune-ment to spiritual matters. His contact with the almighty. His attentiveness to be in contact with God. And because he followed my instructions, "the prince of peace" was born. I think Christ said (when he was there, on earth before) "set your mind on things eternal." That time I visited Joseph was a success. Because he was prepared for the Spiritual message, he listened and the Almighty's work worked. Maybe God let him see that in Joseph so I would always be willing to go. And I'm going you know. I'll keep going as long as it takes. Well, whatever I'm ready to go again.

Say, will I have the joy of singing in the sky again, over a manger, with animals, and shepherds with the whole host around me?

Naw, that scene isn't being played out again.

Wow! That was glorious, with the angelic host behind saying my words "Peace on Earth, Good Will to all" That was awesome. That time in Bethlehem was the best. I revved up now. I'm excited, I'm ready to do my part for the "prince of peace" Ok, so when do I go?


Oh wow, I better go brush my angelic teeth. And practice my voice. What am I to say?

Remember your purpose, Which is?

God is sending forth peace.

That simple enough. OK, so where to go? I suppose to that Suddam Hussain guy where is Iraq?


NO! That would seem the most logical by earth standings.

Remember these are God's standings

Gotcha, OK let me think. To that country you mention's White House, that Clinton Guy, his wife, Monica whoever, the Senate, the house of representative, somewhere on the Internet, the TV stations, CNN, you keep shaking your head no. Please, I'm getting desperate, where do you want me to go. I'm not afraid, I'm ready for duty where, where, where, Oh it's you Christ. Where do you want me to go. You're pointing... you are not pointing to a palace, a court room, not even a simple police station, you're pointing to a tiny little place on the globe, I can't quite make out the words, (Put in church name) Wait a minute let me get my angelic binoculars, lets see O its part of the body of Christ, your bride, I'm to go into the Sanctuary ( parlor) where they are right now having their 10:30(8:30 service. I know, I'll just circle through the room, and use the pastor's voice to say, "Shalom"

I hope they've learned to be as attentive as Joseph was!