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An Epiphany Prayer

Heavenly Father, we celebrate with the wise men the heavenly light and the discovery of the Light of the World- Jesus the Christ.  God of Light, make us faithful. Give us light, O God, sufficient for each step of the way. Help us to spread the light you have given us. Help us to live our lives in accordance with your great commission to make disciples in those common everyday places.  Help children and mothers and fathers to know what is enough and to be satisfied with what is enough - enough of food, clothing, shelter, things, and even revelation. Help us to live with what you give us and to give away what we have in abundance; in Christ's name. Amen.





Children's Messages

Sermon Excerpt

Giving Like Magi
Matthew 2:1-12
by Rev. Randy  Quinn

Most of you know exactly what it’s like because you’ve done it before.  But if you’ve never done it, you can probably imagine what it’s like.  You take the time to purchase some gifts – special gifts; maybe several gifts.  You carefully wrap them and pack them into the trunk of the car.  Then you choose clothes and pack them into suitcases and squeeze them in and around the presents.

The hardest part might be making sure the kids have their suitcases packed – as well as whatever games and books they may want to take with them.

When everything is packed, you “hit the road.”  You may be going to “grandmother’s house” or you may be going to see your brother-in-law.  You may make the entire trip in the car; it’s also likely you will find yourself changing from car to bus or train or even airplane.  The cost of the gifts may become insignificant compared to the cost of transportation, depending upon how far or how long you will be traveling.

How many of you have ever done that?  How many have never done that?  Most of us have at some point in our lives.  We may plan our trip to coincide with Christmas, but it may also be an early or a late celebration because the costs of plane tickets are so high – or there are other places and other family celebrations we have to attend.

Maybe for you it was a different kind of celebration altogether.  On my way back from Ft. Worth in December, for instance, I spoke with someone who had gone to Dallas to help celebrate a friend’s 60th wedding anniversary.  They flew down in the morning and came home that same evening.  I don’t know what kind of presents they took with them, but there wasn’t any luggage to worry about with that kind of a trip!. . . Subscribers: click here to access the full manuscript and more


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