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Sermon and Worship Resources for Christmas Eve / Christmas Day

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A Christmas Prayer

Gracious LORD, be the God of our Christmas celebration. We rejoice with the shepherds over the good news of Jesus' birth. We join in the praises of the angelic choir, saying: "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom God favors!"

Almighty God, you have favored us with the greatest gift ever given--your only begotten Son, light of true light, God of rue God.   May we never take this your gift for granted; may our songs of praise never fade, and may we treasure it in our hearts always and forever. Bless all of us here gathered in worship as well as our loved ones at home. May peace and joy ring in our hearts and reverberate through our communities tonight in the name of Jesus the new-born King.  Amen.

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Sermon Excerpt for Christmas Eve:
Seeing a Great Light (Candlelight Service)
based on Isaiah 9:2-7
Rev. Randy Quinn

Before I read the first scripture lesson tonight, I want to ask that all of the lights in the sanctuary be turned off. Not just turned down, I want them turned off – even the organ lamps.

(I will wait until all of the lights have been extinguished except the altar candles and the one Advent Candle. Then I will move toward what little light the candles offer before continuing.)

It’s dark in here. But it doesn’t matter how dark it is, we can still see the candles, can’t we? They aren’t very big, but we can see them anyway.

There’s a mathematical formula to describe the way the light from this candle is dispersed throughout the room. It explains how my face reflects just a small amount of that light and yours reflects even less. Without the scientific explanation, however, we all know you can see this candle from further away than I can use it to see you. So I always wonder about the television shows that have the police officers holding a flashlight near their face and pointing it in the direction they are looking.

(I will hold up my flashlight and shine it at the congregation.)

The truth is you can see me much better than I can see you – at least you can see where I am because I am holding a light and you are not. Later in our service, you will also be holding a light. And we will be able to see you better than you will see us because the glow of the candle will surround your face, not ours.

When we do that, I want you to remember the darkness that currently fills this room. (I will shut off the flashlight.) And I want you to ponder what it must have been like before the days of electricity when people sat up late at night and pondered the things of God.

What was it like for the people of Israel when Isaiah spoke to them? What did they think about when they gathered together by candle light? When they heard about the events of the world and the possibility that their nation was going to become extinct because of poor leadership, what were their biggest fears? What things did they hope for? And what did Isaiah have to say to them? . . .

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Sermon Excerpt for Christmas Day:

Reflecting the Light
a sermon based on John 1:1-14 for Christmas Day
Rev. Brian K Eiss

Good morning, welcome, and Merry Christmas. It is not often that we have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas Day and a Sunday morning at the same time. We have spent a great deal of time preparing for today - cookies, wrapping gifts, decorating. Together we hope that the world has spent a little time preparing within for the coming of the Light of Christ into our hearts. We begin today with a story.
Two cars were waiting at a stoplight. The light turned green, but the man didn't notice it. A woman in the car behind him is watching traffic pass around them. The woman begins pounding on her steering wheel and yelling at the man to move. The man doesn't move. The woman is going ballistic inside her car, ranting and raving at the man, pounding on her steering wheel and dash.
The light turns yellow and the woman begins to blow the car horn, and screams some choice words at the man. The man, looks up, sees the yellow light and accelerates through the intersection just as the light turns red.
The woman is beside herself, screaming as she misses her chance to get through the intersection. As she is still in mid-rant she hears a tap on her window and looks up into the barrel of a gun held by a very serious-looking policeman. The policeman tells her to shut off her car while keeping both hands in sight. She complies, speechless at what is happening. After she shuts off the engine, the policeman orders her to exit her car with her hands up. She gets out of the car and he orders her to turn and place her hands on her car, then handcuffs her and takes her to the police station where she is fingerprinted, photographed, searched, booked, and placed in a cell.
After a couple of hours, she is let out of the cell and escorted back to the booking desk where the original officer is waiting with her personal effects. He says, "I'm really sorry for this mistake. But, you see, I pulled up behind your car while you were blowing your horn, flipping the guy off in front of you, and cussing a blue streak at him. I noticed the 'Choose Life' license plate holder, the 'What Would Jesus Do?' bumper sticker, the 'Follow Me to Sunday School' bumper sticker, and the chrome plated Christian fish emblem on the trunk. Naturally I assumed you had stolen the car from a real Christian."
. . . .

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