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A Christmas Call to Worship

L: The Star over Bethlehem is God's sign of peace to all of humanity.
P: We welcome the arrival of the Prince of Peace in our midst.

L: The baby born to a poor peasant girl is God's gift of love. Christ came into this world; he lived and died for us while we were yet sinners. That proves God's love toward us.

All: We thankfully accept God's gift; we rejoice over God's love for us!


The Origin and Symbolism of the Christmas tree

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Christmas Poems, Read a poem that is shaped like a Christmas tree.

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The Gift - a Christmas Story from the Outback

December 6th, St. Nikolaus  An article on the German St. Nicholas Tradition


PowerPoint Sermons for Christmas Eve/Day:

Nativity Scenes

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Videos:



Seeing a Great Light (Candlelight Service)
based on Isaiah 9:2-7
Rev. Randy Quinn

After Lighting the First Advent Candle, I will begin.

Before I read the first scripture lesson tonight, I want to ask that all of the lights in the sanctuary be turned off. Not just turned down, I want them turned off – even the organ lamps.

(I will wait until all of the lights have been extinguished except the altar candles and the one Advent Candle. Then I will move toward what little light the candles offer before continuing.)

It’s dark in here. But it doesn’t matter how dark it is, we can still see the candles, can’t we? They aren’t very big, but we can see them anyway.

There’s a mathematical formula to describe the way the light from this candle is dispersed throughout the room. It explains how my face reflects just a small amount of that light and yours reflects even less. Without the scientific explanation, however, we all know you can see this candle from further away than I can use it to see you. So I always wonder about the television shows that have the police officers holding a flashlight near their face and pointing it in the direction they are looking.

(I will hold up my flashlight and shine it at the congregation.)

The truth is you can see me much better than I can see you – at least you can see where I am because I am holding a light and you are not. Later in our service, you will also be holding a light. And we will be able to see you better than you will see us because the glow of the candle will surround your face, not ours.

When we do that, I want you to remember the darkness that currently fills this room. (I will shut off the flashlight.) And I want you to ponder what it must have been like before the days of electricity when people sat up late at night and pondered the things of God. [continue]